Monday, February 5, 2018

04 Feb Monday, February 5, 2018


Seared Furikake Ahi over Mixed Greens with Cucumber, Carrots,
Bean Sprouts Peppers and a Sweet Ginger Vinaigrette – $12.79
Seared Basil Mahi-mahi over Greens with Roasted Corn, Roasted
Broccoli, Black Beans, Garbanzo Beans and a Italian Dressing –


Sauteed Ahi with a Soy Lemon Butter Sauce – $15.59
Chicken Karaage and Teri Beef Combo – $12.79
Chinese Roast Pork Stir Fry – $13.29


Lilikoi Chiffon Pie$5.59


Todays Pau Hana Special

Teriyaki Meatloaf, Steamed White Rice, Potato Macaroni Salad, and a
Warm Bread Pudding with Creme Anglaise