Wednesday, September 13, 2017

12 Sep Wednesday, September 13, 2017


  • Grilled spicy ginger ahi over mixed greens with carrots, cucumbers and bell peppers, served with a wasabi balsamic vinaigrette – $12.50
  • Sweet sesame oyster sauce chicken over mixed greens with tomatoes, green beans and red onion, served with a soy vinaigrette – $12.00



  • Oven roasted turkey (dark meat only) with mashed potatoes and gravy, served with a raspberry craisin sauce – $12.75
  • Grilled teriyaki ahi topped with a warabi salad –  $15.50  
  • Krystal’s chopped steak – $13.25



  • Strawberry guava cream cheese chiffon cake – $5.50


Today’s Pau Hana Special

Pork adobo with potatoes, steamed white rice, potato macaroni salad and pineapple chantilly cream cake